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Do You Suffer from Heel Pain/Heel Spur?

Jump to Marvin's Life-Changing Story.

Have you tried everything . . . from cortisone injection to shoe inserts . . . from shockwave therapy to heat or ice . . . from night splints to stretching . . . only to find out that none of them really worked?


After living on pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs, have you recently found out that they no longer work for you?

Don't let your doctor confuse you: plantar fasciitis is inflammation caused by heel spurs. 


Has your podiatrist told you heel spur removal surgery is the only option left for you?

Did you have heel spurs removed years ago and are they now coming back even more painful than before?

Did you know the real causes of heel Spurs (or plantar fasciitis)?

Did you think it's only a coincidence that, in addition to heel pain, you also suffer from osteoarthritis or osteoporosis?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you must read Marvin's Life-Changing Story.


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