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Calcium Information


Calcium is the most common mineral in the human body. Calcium is a nutrient in the news because adequate intakes are an important determinant of bone health and risk of fracture or osteoporosis. Our nation suffers from approximately 1.5 million fractures annually with an associated health care cost of $13.8 billion.


Approximately 99% of total body calcium is in the skeleton and teeth and 1% in blood and soft tissues. Calcium has four major biological functions: 1) structural as stores in the skeleton, 2) electrophysiological - carries charge during an action potential across membranes, 3) intracellular regulator, and 4) as a cofactor for extracellular enzymes and regulatory proteins.


Calcium is present in variable amounts in all the foods and water we consume, although the main sources are dairy products and vegetables. Majority people don't get enough calcium from regular diet.


This section provides a collection of must-know's about calcium. Content is being updated constantly to give you the most current information about calcium.


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