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EZorb Calcium Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


EZorb Calcium Clinical Studies for Doctors


What is in the EZorb Calcium?


Why is EZorb Calcium superior to other forms of calcium?


What benefits can I get only from EZorb Calcium but not from other calcium supplements?


How does EZorb Calcium compare with prescription drugs?


How does EZorb Calcium compare with its so-called competitors?


How does EZorb Calcium compare with coral or seaweed calcium?


Why doesn't EZorb Calcium contain Vitamin D or magnesium?


What results should I expect when I start taking EZorb Calcium?


How could a calcium supplement be effective on so many different problems?


I'm on medication. Is it safe to take EZorb Calcium?


Will EZorb Calcium cause kidney stones?


I'm pregnant. How much EZorb Calcium do I need?


I'm a 36-year-old guy. Do I need EZorb Calcium?


Are there any side effects?


Can my children benefit from EZorb Calcium?


Why can't I just increase absorption by increasing the dosage of inorganic calcium?


I'm a vegetarian. Which form of EZorb Calcium is best for me?


Will EZorb help get rid of my bone spur?


How do I take the Powder?


Should I try the powder or the capsules? Which is more effective?


How much should I take?


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C. What benefits can I get only from EZorb Calcium but not from other calcium supplements?


With its unmatched absorption rate and bioavailability, EZorb Calcium is light years ahead of traditional calcium supplements. Its unique approach of increasing bone density by stimulating osteoblasts and enhancing collagen production also sets it apart from would-be competitors.


EZorb is currently the only product that's proven to be extremely effective against Fibromyalgia. It takes less than three weeks if not just a couple of days for you to notice significant improvement. Many people who had suffered for years finally got their lives back because of EZorb.


Bone spurs are incomplete bone mass created at a wrong position. It is typically a result of weakened bone metabolism. EZorb shrinks bone spurs by raising bone, joint and muscle metabolism.


EZorb's effectiveness in correcting different types of arthritis is clinically proven and evidenced by numerous testimonials


EZorb Calcium helps prevent G.I. distress and does not contribute to the formation of stones in the kidney, lung, and small intestine as mineral calcium supplements are known to do.


Unlike traditional calcium supplements, EZorb Calcium also helps protect vitamin stability.


EZorb Calcium can be most effectively used for the following symptoms*:



loss of bone mass,

arthritis (osteoarthritis),

joint and cartilage damage,

bone fracture,

bone spur,


back pain / lower back pain,

nerve / muscle pain, and

boost energy.


EZorb is the best choice for children and teens for bone, teeth and muscle development. Its highest absorption rate guarantees that the young generation will have the opportunities to develop to their full potential.


EZorb Calcium also plays an important role in cardiology and hepatology. In Asia, EZorb Calcium has been widely used for*:


protection against myocardial necrosis,

enhancement of liver function,

detoxification of digitalis,

bone tuberculosis,

fibro cyctic induration, and

treatment of osteoporosis and arthritis.





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