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Marvlix improves blood glucose metabolism and increases insulin sensitivity, because it enables the liver to produce more glucose-regulating enzymes.


Marvlix can be used alone or in conjuction with other treatment to regulate blood sugar levels and has been clinically proven to be more effective than prescription drugs in blood sugar management.



Diabetes is a serious, widespread health issue, especially among populations that rely on the Western diet. A large body of research has been conducted on the beneficial effects of Cordyceps on the blood glucose metabolism system and on its potential as a blood sugar regulation agent. The results are convincing.


In one clinical study, 95% of patients treated with 3 grams Cordyceps daily saw improvement in their blood sugar measurement, while those that received mainstream medical treatment showed only 54% improvement.


In a trial conducted by Kiho in 2000, Cordyceps was found to lower blood sugar levels in genetically diabetic animals. Another trial by Dr. Zhao and his team in 2002 showed that Cordyceps improves blood glucose metabolism and increases insulin sensitivity in normal animals. A study by Hao and Chen in 2002 concluded that Cordyceps positively affects blood sugar metabolism in animals with chemically induced diabetes. 


In another clinical study, researchers found that, for non-diabetic patients treated with 3 grams Cordyceps daily, the normal blood sugar change curve was significantly flattened. In other words, for these subjects, the blood sugar did not go as high as usual after eating, and it did not drop down as low as usual between meals. This study provided further evidence that Cordyceps has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels.


A common thread among these results is the increase in insulin sensitivity and in the livers' output of the glucose regulating enzymes. Regardless of the origin or classification, it appears that Cordyceps is a great treatment for diabetes, either as a single agent or in conjunction with prescription drug therapy, and has been demonstrated to stabilize blood sugar levels even in non-diabetic test subjects.



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