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The Marvlix Difference


While EZorb is for bone, joint and muscle - the body frame, Marvlix is for the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc. - the internal organs.


DNA mapping and cloning are cutting-edge scientific techniques resulting from biotech advances, use of computers, and new understanding of human molecular structures. 


Marvlix is a new product generated from Cordyceps sinensis through these latest scientific breakthroughs.


Marvlix was developed by means of Elixir Industry's proprietary technology, which applies nanotechnology to a bio-enhanced extraction process. The technology utilizes electro-potential method to extract selected molecules preferentially, on the basis of predefined molecular profiles, and then bio-activates the compounds extracted. The process completely eliminates heavy metals, contaminants and toxic compounds commonly found in traditional herbal products, while retaining all the beneficial substances in Cordyceps.


In comparison with traditional Cordyceps products, Marvlix has demonstrated these unparalleled advantages:


Full Spectrum of Active Elements

Traditional Cordyceps products provide only a small portion of the active ingredients from Cordyceps sinensis. The majority of the active elements are lost during the cultivation and production process, either because of exposure to heat and high pressure, or due to use of chemical solutions for extraction.


As a result, traditionally cultivated Cordyceps products deliver only a fraction of the benefits provided by their wild counterparts. That's why wild Cordyceps products often sell for hundreds of times more than cultivated Cordyceps products.


The Elixir Industry method avoids the problems associated with traditional Cordyceps extraction. The use of nanotechnology allows us to penetrate the cell wall to release nutrients that were lost through the traditional process. Active compounds are then removed one by one at the molecular level, based on predefined molecular profiles. In this way, we are able to preserve the full spectrum of active elements that Cordyceps  can provide.


This is a great achievement as even though scientists have successfully proven the benefits of Cordyceps on internal organs such as heart, liver, lung and kidney, they have not been able to find out which elements are responsible for each of the miraculous benefits provided by Cordyceps. Therefore it is critical not to miss any active ingredient.


Higher Concentration

Our molecular-based extraction process generates a much higher concentration of active ingredients than that found in Cordyceps products produced by the traditional method.


Test results show that a single Marvlix capsule delivers the same potency as 12 - 17 ordinary Cordyceps capsules.


High Bioavailability

Marvlix works at the cellular level. The particles are so small that they can be assimilated effortlessly. Many who experience problems digesting other nutritional supplements will find the opposite to be true with Marvlix.


Purity - No Heavy Metals or Other Contaminates

We all know that traditional Chinese herbs work. But the fact that many of those products contain heavy metal or other harmful materials has disturbed many people. With Marvlix that is no longer an issue. Marvlix is produced using a unique extraction process that extracts only the active ingredients. Nothing else is included in the final product.


While the benefits you are getting is multiplied, your mind can be totally at ease as you can be sure that you won't get any contaminates commonly found in traditional Cordyceps products.


Better Results

Marvlix has been available in Asia for about a year now. The response was so overwhelming that the company decided to distribute the product in North America ahead of the original schedule.


Between August and December 2006, we arranged for a small group of customers to test use Marvlix. All 36 participants in the test reported that Marvlix had improved their overall well-being. While the time frame was too short for a conclusive study, a majority of the users identified improved body functions that could be attributed to Marvlix.


Most reported more energy, better sleep, sharper vision, easier breath and fewer trips to the bathroom. Those observations are clearly indications of improved health conditions of major organs in the body, including kidney, lung, liver and heart.


Seven individuals with diabetes reported that they were able to reduce their medication, as they no longer need as much to maintain proper glucose ratios. Others with elevated cholesterol reported that their levels returned to normal after using Marvlix for about two months. Two subjects who were taking chemotherapy found that hair loss and other side effects were significantly reduced.



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