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1. Share Success: Letters From Readers
2. Research News: Hypertension Drugs Affect Parathyroid Hormone Level
3. Useful Links
4. Calcium Absorption Test
5. What Are Others Saying About EZorb and Marvlix?

1. Share Success: Letters From Readers 


Letter I: From Mary T.

Received at Testimonial Submit Form Sunday, November 22, 2015 at 02:30:16



Hi, my name is Mary Turner. I had all but decided to get my affairs in order because I just could not get well no matter what I tried.

I had sick building syndrome that was getting worse and worse. I could not take five steps without using five sprays of my inhaler. The doctor took me off work for one month. During that time I tried everything to kill the mold in my lungs. I tried Colloidal Silver, Oregano, DMSO, Organic Sulfur, Black Mold Fungi Detox and at least 10 different respiratory relief supplements to no avail.

I already had Marvlix in my supply of supplements but forgot what I bought it for. So I went on line to see the benefits of it. When I saw that it was Cordyceps I then knew why. I used to take Cordyceps some years ago because it made me feel good. But it was a different brand. So I must have read that Marvlix was better and bought it but just didn't read the full benefits of it. So it just sat along with the rest of my supplements for a year or so.

So after reading more about Marvlix helping with COPD and asthma, I decided to take a couple before bed time along with a mucus relief pill. I woke up about 4:a.m. to go to the rest room as usual but didn't have to grab my inhaler. When I got up the next morning I went to the kitchen to fix me some breakfast without thinking about the inhaler. Then I noticed how good I was breathing.

I can't remember when I felt this good. I felt normal for the first time in years. I will be returning to work this Monday, a few days before Thanksgiving and I will be thanking God for Marvlix because I won't have to be scared to walk to the building from the parking lot without spraying my inhaler five times just to get to the elevator and a few more times to get to my desk.'s a miserable life to live. I am so tired of struggling from day to day just full of pills to catch my breath. I have went from a size 16 to a 12 because of this illness.

Anyone that has a serious breathing problem knows exactly what I mean. It is so scary to live like this from day to day and it's something that no one knows because you keep it hidden from your co-workers.

I just can't believe that I'm sitting here typing while taking deep breaths This is amazing. Oxygen in my lungs at last!

Thank you God for Marvlix.

Letter II: From Charles

Received at sharesuccess @ 08/01/15 at 6:07 AM



Hello, My name is Charles, I have been taking EZorb for about 5 months.

I developed a heel spur and was quite upset about the diagnosis. I usually walk 2x a day for about 3 miles. That heel spur was so bad that I had to stop walking for a while and the Dr even gave me a cortisone shot in that area.

Then my wife found a page that was recommending Ezorb. I read about it and we agreed that we should give it a chance. We ordered the powder.

Well my whole life has turned around and I am back walking. I am so happy about this and I also noticed that I am sleeping much better.

I hope if anyone that is on the fence, they take a chance with it. I am so happy that I did. Thanks so much hugs.

Letter III: From Tom and Judy


Received at sharesuccess @ 06/29/15 at 1:04 PM



Two years ago I was told by the Dr. that I had osteoporosis & that I should take Prolia ( a shot administered every 6 months). I checked out the side effects & didn't like what I read so I went on line & found Ezorb calcium with no side effects.

After a year on ezorb my bone density test showed improvement & I now have osteopenia. I'm looking forward to my bone density test this year to see whether it has improved some more, but I plan on continue to take ezorb.

I'm 77 years old & I feel good. I'm a Line Dancer &, hopefully, I can keep on dancing another 10 years.



From the Desk of EZorb Newsletter Editor:

This newsletter is now read by over 70,000 subscribers worldwide. Success stories you have contributed over the years have had a great impact on many people's quality of life. Your continuous support will be greatly appreciated by tens of thousands who have been suffering and would continuously suffer, without your help! Please email your story to sharesuccess @ or simply post it at Testimonial Submit Form. Your personal information will never be revealed to the public.

2. Research News: Hypertension Drugs Affect Parathyroid Hormone Level


Parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels may be elevated by use of some antihypertensive agents but reduced by others, analysis of the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) suggests.

The researchers found that users of loop diuretics and dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers (CCBs) had higher PTH levels than non-users. By contrast, users of thiazide diuretics had lower PTH levels than non-users.

"These associations may provide a mechanistic explanation linking use of these medications to the development of skeletal outcomes", say Anand Vaidya (Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA) and co-researchers.

As reported in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, the team excluded MESA participants with chronic kidney disease and those thought to have primary hyperparathyroidism, leaving 1888 participants (aged 45–84 years) who were receiving treatment for hypertension.

The combined biomarkers were slightly more sensitive in PAH patients (idiopathic and associated PAH and collagen vascular disease) than in the pulmonary hypertension group as a whole, at 83.7%, while maintaining their 100% specificity.

The 82 users of loop diuretics had PTH levels that were an average of 12.0 pg/mL higher than those of other patients, and the 637 CCB users had a significant 3.7 pg/mL increase. But on further analysis, only users of dihydropyridine CCBs had increased PTH levels, by 5.0 pg/mL, with levels unchanged in users of other CCBs.

The findings were similar when the comparison group was limited to patients not using thiazides, loop diuretics or CCBs, and also when patients using multiple antihypertensive agents were excluded from the analysis.

The researchers believe that if loop diuretics directly or indirectly provoke an increase in PTH, as suggested by the current study findings, it may explain previous associations between loop diuretics and reduced bone mineral density and increased fracture risk; elevated PTH would lead to increased bone resorption.

Conversely, thiazides have been linked to increased bone mineral density and reduced fracture risk, consistent with the low levels of PTH seen in the thiazide users in the MESA cohort.

"Given how frequently these medications are used […] understanding how these anti-hypertensive medications may modulate PTH levels has public health relevance", the team concludes.

Original research was published in J Bone Miner Res 2016; Advance online publication.

3. Useful Links

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4. Calcium Absorption Test

EZorb Calcium has set a new world record of absorption rate. You can compare EZorb with other calcium supplements by using the simple step-by-step instructions we provide. E-mail your request to test @ for a copy of the instructions.



5. What Are Others Saying About EZorb and Marvlix?

EZorb and Marvlix have restored confidence in thousands of men and women. It has brought happiness and healthy life to families around the world. Click here to read what people say about EZorb and Marvlix.


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