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1. Share Success: Letters From Readers

Research News: Vitamin E May Help Hip Fracture Recovery

3. Useful Links
4. Calcium Absorption Test
5. What Are Others Saying About EZorb?


1. Share Success: Letters From Readers 


Letter I: From Anonymous

Received at Testimonial Submit Form on Saturday, April 02, 2011 at 17:00:58



Suffering from the severe pain of fibromyalgia and finding out the medical world had no cure, just drugs, I searched the Internet to see if anyone had a cure.


You said you did. I knew a lot about calcium, but was not aware of the highly absorbable version you were selling. I had nothing to lose, so I ordered it and started taking it.


The same night I noticed it was already starting to work on my upper arm connective tissue - I could feel the pain (healing type). I have been taking it about a month, now, and the overall pain has reduced some, but I can tell it is working on me, especially my upper arms which were the most painful.


I will let you know how I am doing at the end of 3 months. I have noticed that my whole body seems to be working better in various ways. I'll give a more detailed account the next time I comment.



Letter II: From Roxanne S.

Received at Testimonial Submit Form on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 06:53:06



Hi, my name is Roxanne S. It's been exactly 1 yr. since I began talking Ezorb for osteoporosis with a T-score of -3.0 in my L1-L4 spine.


With praise and conviction I want to encourage anyone that has this disease to believe in this product that it is safe and without side effects and produce improved health.


I received results yesterday for my yearly bone density and had a noticeable change in my L1-L4 score of -2.2 T score. The doctor was very surprised to see such a dramatic change in that period of time and was curious what I was doing, when before she was trying to put me on forteo injections everyday for 2 years to build bone density. I refused to follow this advice knowing that it was not the best option for me.


Thank you EZORB you really changed my life!



Letter III: From Pat O.


Received at info @ on Friday, January 28, 2011 4:35 PM



As we were discussing today, some months ago I developed a painful bone spur on my left shoulder. My wonderful orthopedist Steven Zelicof (who had repaired my severed achilles tendon, done a successful rotator cuff repair and given me a problem-free new hip) looked at the spur and said he could shave it down.


In addition to not wanting an operation and the attendant rehab, I googled bone spur and found pages of information and a way to solve the problem. So I ordered EZorb, Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous (you can't get it in a drugstore or CVS).


I took 4 in the morning and 4 at night (along with my regular calcium *Editor: you don't have to.*). My bone spur diminished in size by 90 percent; and I have no pain.


Now I take 2 with my morning vitamins/herbals and 2 in the evening with the nighttime vitamins/herbals I usually take. I can tell you the results have been surprisingly definitive and positive.



Patty O.



Letter IV: From Cindy

Received at Testimonial Submit Form on Monday, November 22, 2010 at 13:19:22



Hi, my name is Cindy and my husband Billy has a bone spur in his heel, well not any more.


Thank you so much for your product!!! He had gotten to the point he could hardly walk at all. The doctors gave him a boot to wear on his foot but it rubbed sores on his legs so he would not wear it.


But after he took his first bottle of Ezorb his foot did not hurt anymore. Now I feel like I am getting one, so I need to order some more Ezorb to get rid of mine.


Thanks again for making our home a happy one again!!!!




From the Desk of EZorb Newsletter Editor:


This newsletter is now read by over 70,000 subscribers worldwide. Success stories you have contributed over the years have had a great impact on many people's quality of life. Your continuous support will be greatly appreciated by tens of thousands who have been suffering and would continuously suffer, without your help! Please email your story to sharesuccess @ or simply post it at Testimonial Submit Form. Your personal information will never be revealed to the public.



2. Research News: Vitamin E May Help Hip Fracture Recovery


High serum concentrations of vitamin E are associated with better physical function after hip fracture, a study involving elderly women shows.


Only 50% of previously independent elderly people who suffer a hip fracture will return to independent living after the fracture, explain Christopher D'Adamo (University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA) and colleagues.


"Consequently, identifying modifiable factors associated with expedited and more complete recovery of physical function is of great importance in preventing this loss of independence," they add.


Low serum concentrations of vitamin E have been associated with declining physical function among older adults, and the researchers hypothesized that higher vitamin E concentrations would be associated with better physical function in the year after fracture than lower concentrations.


To investigate, D'Adamo and team measured serum a- and y- tocopherol levels - the two major forms of vitamin E - in 148 women (mean age 82.3 years) shortly after hip fracture (baseline) and at follow-up visits, conducted 2, 6, and 12 months post fracture.


At these visits, each patient participated in four physical function measures: the Six-Minute Walk Distance, Lower Extremity Gain Scale, Short Form-36 Physical Functioning Domain, and Yale Physical Activity Survey.


The researchers report that baseline vitamin E concentrations were positively associated with Six-Minute Walk Distance, Lower Extremity Gain Scale, and Yale Physical Activity Survey scores, and significantly positively associated with faster improvement in Lower Extremity Gain Scale and Yale Physical Activity Survey scores, such that patients with higher vitamin E levels performed better than patients with lower levels on each of the tests..


The same trend, but with stronger associations, was observed for time-varying vitamin E concentration, which assessed whether post fracture tocopherol concentrations correlated with physical function measures throughout the recovery period.


D'Adamo and co-authors comment that the mechanism through which vitamin E may exert beneficial effects on physical function in hip fracture patients is currently unknown. They suggest that the potent antioxidant activity of vitamin E may help reduce the excessive oxidative stress that results from the hip fracture injury and subsequent surgical repair.


Writing in Journals of Gerontology: Series A, the authors conclude: "Older adults at high risk for hip fracture as well as those currently recovering from this injury could potentially benefit from vitamin E consumption."


"However, these findings will need to be confirmed in clinical trials before increased vitamin E intake can be recommended for hip fracture patients."


Original research was published in J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2011; Advance online publication.



3. Useful Links

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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4. Calcium Absorption Test

EZorb Calcium has set a new world record of absorption rate. You can compare EZorb with other calcium supplements by using the simple step-by-step instructions we provide. E-mail your request to test @ for a copy of the instructions.



5. What Are Others Saying About EZorb?

EZorb Calcium has restored confidence in thousands of men and women. It has brought happiness and healthy life to families around the world. Click here to read what people say about EZorb.


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