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1. Featured Story: "EZorb Healed My Bone Spurs"

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1. Featured Story: "EZorb Healed My Bone Spurs"


"Who would believe those tiny little heel spurs could make my life miserable for over 10 years," said Marvin, a Financial Planner working for a large financial institution. "And I'm not alone - I know quite a few people who suffered from the same conditions for years."


Marvin's story dated back to March of '93 when he first felt a little nagging tug in the middle of his left heel. Marvin was then a happy, active and athletic young man who went to gym every day after work. The uncomfortable feeling from his left foot didn't bother him much at the beginning because it completely resolved.


Several months later it got worse. Marvin had to take pain-relievers to cope with the pain. He was hoping it would go away eventually. After all his first priority then was career advancement.


Gradually painkillers stopped working. Stretching only made things worse. The more he walked the more it hurt. "When I tried to walk a little bit, I felt a searing rip in the left heel and numbness at the tip of my toes." Marvin knew he needed help.


Marvin went to a podiatrist who took x-rays and diagnosed him as having heel spurs. The doctor treated him with Cortisone injections, which provided him with temporary relief.


As the years passed, the pain became more severe. "I had to shift my weight towards the right foot," said Marvin. "On the left side I had to distribute my weight to the outside of the foot, which caused me to sprain the ankles several times.


"I was at a critical point of my career. I had no time for myself... I continued to abuse my feet by working on them for 10 hours a day."


In September of '99, Marvin fell to the ground while walking to his office. He was sent to the hospital immediately. After running a few tests and x-rays, the hospital put him on disability and recommended heel spur removal surgery.


After seeking advice from over a dozen doctors, he decided to go through the procedures of sawing off the heel spurs and plantar fasciotomy. "It was a nightmare." Marvin said of his horrible experience of the surgery.


During his recovery, Marvin's right foot began to ache as well. The x-ray and MRI showed bone spurs in the right foot. It wasn't too much of a surprise for that the whole time Marvin was putting weight on his right foot to allow the left to heal. But this time it struck him really hard mentally.


"I don't like to say it but I was crying like a baby every night," Marvin recalled. "I was unable to walk more than five steps at a time. My knees were bleeding and my wrists were sore, and I was in constant pain, even while resting. My life was a mass."


Soon, the doctor was injecting Cortisone to his right foot.


In October of 2001 Marvin's sister Anna sent him two bottles of EZorb. "I didn't pay much attention to it. Anna sent me stuff all the time... I took it on and off for about a month then I noticed the pain's not as bad as before. But I still didn't believe it was EZorb that made the difference."


Another month went by Marvin found himself taking a walk up to a local park to test his limitations. The pain following that short walk was nothing near unbearable. And he even walked without crutches.


"By then I was fully convinced," said Marvin. "I started double my dosage on EZorb and made sure I take it every day. Words can't describe it, to feel the difference it made on me as I woke up every morning. I felt like I was gaining back the years I had lost."


Six month later Marvin was able to walk half to one mile in the morning without any trouble. Occasionally he still felt a little pain in the recovering left foot. But the pain in the right heel had completely subsided. Subsequent x-rays showed no signs of bone spur presence.


In February of 2003 Marvin's former employer took him back. "I haven't been working for almost five years," Marvin said. "It's a completely different ball game now. There are so many new things to catch up. But I'm so grateful of having my life back, and I owe it to your great product."


When asked for advice for our readers Marvin said: "Surgeries should be your last resort if you have bone spurs. You could get crippled like I was at the age of 37. EZorb healed my bone spurs. I definitely recommend it."


May 2003 Source: EZorb Newsletter Editor



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3. Calcium Absorption Test


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4. What Are Others Saying About EZorb?


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