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1. Featured Story:

    Joint Replacement Surgery Could Go Wrong - EZorb Won't

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1. Featured Story:

    Joint Replacement Surgery Could Go Wrong - EZorb Won't


In a fast-paced branch office of a major financial institution, Betty looks just like others who work there. The difference is that Betty has just recovered from severe osteoarthritis in both of her ankles and significant bone loss in the back and the hip.


Betty lives with her cat Eugene in the suburb of Chicago. The 48-year-old woman had been bothered by osteoarthritis since her mid-thirties. She had been living on steroids and anti-inflammatory medications ever since. But things got really bad in the past four years.


Right before Christmas of 1999 Betty felt a piercing pain in the back when she tried to move around the coffee table in her living room. The next morning she woke up paralyzed with excruciating pain.


"I was so scared," said Betty. "I didn't know what had happened and didn't know what to do. My cat Eugene knew something was wrong and tried to pull me off the bed. But I couldn't move."


Betty was eventually taken to a hospital emergency room. X-Ray showed the back pain was caused by two fractured-vertebrae. Further diagnosis revealed Betty had developed severe osteoporosis.


"I knew (bone loss) was a side effect of steroids but I had a hard time accepting it," said Betty. "I was eating well and taking all the supplements my doctor recommended. What else should I do?"


The doctor quickly added Fosamax to Betty's long list of medications.

The following year was a nightmare for Betty. The osteoarthritis pain in her ankles and the side effects of the medications took turns tormenting her.


In mid 2001 Betty's swollen right ankle got so big that she could hardly stick it into the shoe. The pain had become unbearable. Her rheumatologist finally sent her to a surgeon for ankle replacement.


The operation was scheduled for October. The company management was kind enough to let Betty take leave of absence from her job.


Right before the operation Betty was told that an incision would be made in her abdomen in order to acquire crumbles of bone off her hip. The bone mass obtained would be inserted around the metal bracket to encourage growth of bone in the ankle.


The procedures went quite smoothly. But the following day a large lump appeared in Betty's abdomen. This was later proven to be harmless, but it had made her very uncomfortable. Two days after the operation Betty suddenly felt terribly ill and started vomiting. "It was the worst (vomit) I've ever had." Betty said. But the surgeon failed to provide an explanation on what had caused that.


During the recovery, the skin around her thigh became completely numb. "It seems that the surgeon had accidentally damaged a nerve," said Betty. "The result was a stinging feeling under the skin of my thigh. Sometimes it could be quite painful. But the skin itself was completely 'gone'."


After a couple of follow-up office visits the ankle surgeon declared the operation a "technical success". "Although the replacement has indeed given that ankle a little bit more strength," said Betty. "The swelling and pain were just as bad one year later, as they were before the operation."


"Sometimes I could feel the implant hitting my flesh," Betty said "That feeling alone was killing me. I had to be really cautious and learn to shift my weight towards the better ankle."


Five months later Betty's other ankle started getting bigger and more painful. But this time she rejected it right away when the rheumatologist advised her for another ankle replacement.


In May 2002 Betty's mom Lisa came visit and stayed for about a month. Lisa brought with her a case of EZorb. Lisa had been using EZorb for osteoporosis and had seen dramatic improvement in bone density.


Having tried almost everything in vain Betty didn't show much enthusiasm for the EZorb pills. But Lisa insisted and made sure her daughter take it every day.


"I am so grateful that my mom was around when I needed her," Betty said, "She literally forced EZorb down my throat."


After one month use of EZorb Betty gradually noticed that the pain in both of her ankles reduced significantly. She decided to hold back her excitement till she could confirm the results.


The following weeks Betty spent some serious time learning the product. "The EZorb folks are great. They really know their stuff. They were so patient in answering every one of my questions. I'm amazed how much I have learned over a short period of time." Betty said.


Another two months went by, Betty found herself walking uphill to a park about a half mile away and downhill to her favorite Mongolian Buffet. She still needed to pay attention to the replaced right ankle, making sure her movement wouldn't touch a particular spot where it could trigger pain. But other than that she could walk around and do things she liked without pain.


In February 2003 Betty couldn't be more excited to find out from the DEXA scan report that her bone density had increased by 21% from what it was two years ago.


Spring of 2003 brought a fully recharged Betty back to her familiar work place. "It feels great coming back here and working with the same group of people I'm always fond of."


As her final words to our readers Betty said: "Joint replacement surgery should be your very last resort. Don't take it easily just because your doctor recommends it. I personally wouldn't advise anybody to go through a replacement operation unless you are over 90 years old - until then EZorb should be your first choice."


Jun 2003 Source: EZorb Newsletter Editor



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3. Calcium Absorption Test


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4. What Are Others Saying About EZorb?


EZorb Calcium has restored confidence in thousands of men and women. It has brought happiness and healthy life to families around the world. Click here to read what people say about EZorb.

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