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1. Share Success: Letters From Readers

Research News: Green Tea May Boost Bone Metabolism

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4. Calcium Absorption Test
5. What Are Others Saying About EZorb?


1. Share Success: Letters From Readers 


Letter I: From Mrs. Janet P.

Received at Testimonial Submit Form on Wednesday, September 02, 2009 at 19:42:40



Hi, my name is Janet or Mrs. P. I had colon cancer, had six months of very strong chemotherapy. After taking the chemo, I was told would damage my bones. It has been almost three years since the chemo.


I started the Ezorb in march 2009. I am a different person. I can feel so much strength to my body. I can bend over. I really have no pain anymore.


I believe in this product. The doctors should tell patients about this. If I had been taking Ezorb at the start of my chemo. I really would be in good shape now. Anyone can email me if they choose. I would be happy to share my experience with them. (Editor: Email address is omitted per company policy).


Thank you



Letter II: From Phil

Received at Testimonial Submit Form on Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 07:13:11



Hi, my name is Phil.


A little over a year ago, during an MRI to determine the source of back pain, a compression fracture in L1 was discovered. A CT Scan was then done and it showed the my spine (L1-L4) had a T-score of -2.6. Full blown osteoporosis. There had never been a history of osteoporosis in my family. Anxious over the side effects of all the various calcium supplements, I searched the Internet and found EZorb. I decided to take a gamble for a year and began taking EZorb capsules on June 20th, 2008.


This June 30, 2009, I had a Dexascan at the local medical clinic. The T-score on L1-L4 is -0.5! That's just below the median line of the normal range! Although femur T-scores were not given in 2008, one would have to believe that they were not good either. The Dexascan shows both femur necks above the median line on the normal scale with T-scores of 0.3 and 0.1!


Thanks EZorb. I'm telling everyone I can about your product. I consider it a miracle treatment.



Letter III: From Anonymous

Received at Testimonial Submit Form on Monday, June 29, 2009 at 03:01:04



2001 found to have Osteoporosis.2.8%. Tried different medication, with calcium carbonate, none worked. T/Score now 3.5.


2007 started Actonel, and a few months later started Ezorb. T/Score dropped to 3%. Doctor said it was the Actonel not Ezorb.


2009 still on Actonel with Calcium Citrate but my t/score is still 3% no improvement.


Conclusion: Ezorb made the improvement not the Actonel I believe.



Letter IV: From Gloria

Received at Testimonial Submit Form on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 23:29:57



Hi, my name is Gloria.


My older sister had me take to my doctor, the havard medical journal. It had explain after taking fosamax, a long time. Bones return to brittle.


I had told him of the bad pain in my heel. When he took the exra, it showed 2 spurs. When talking to my sister, I explain this all. She went on the computer. That was where she found ezorb. After reading it, her husband had it sent to me. She said: wait till you get it, then quit the fosamax & calciums. Start taking ezorb as it says.


After taking it just 3 months, the doctor did a bone density test. He said he didn't want me off of fosamax too long! He had found how my bones were improving! The test that they had done on me after breaking 6 bones, it had showed my bones were brittle.


But the test he took after ezorb, show how it was so much better! That he agreed to have me use ezorb, rather than fosamax & calciums each day. Even though it was not approved by the f.d.a.


I 'm able to help @ the legion bingo, every week. Alot of walking. Also @ the fish fry dinners also. I clean tables, when people leave the church. This job is alot of walking, but those spurs don't hurt so bad. Infact , ezorb is the only reason, I didn't have to have them operated on.


I tell the legion women because their doctors, want them to take Fosamax. They don't want to take it, because of how they hear the bad things about it. I tell them how to spell ezorb. Tell them to order it. Also how it helped my bones to pass the test now.



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2. Research News: Green Tea May Boost Bone Metabolism


Drinking green tea could increase bone mineral density (BMD), say scientists who found the beverage contains chemicals that modify bone metabolism.


Recent in vitro research indicates that the epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which makes up to half of the catechins present in green tea, may enhance osteogenesis, increase mineralized bone nodule formation, and induce osteoclast apoptosis.


Hypothesizing that other green tea catechins may also alter bone metabolism, the team from the Chinese University of Hong Kong examined the effect of epigallocatechin (ECG), gallocatechin (GC), and gallocatechin gallate (GCG) on a cultured rat osteoblast-like osteosarcoma cell line.


As reported in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, ECG at concentrations of 10 and 20 ¦ÌM was found to stimulate alkaline phosphatase activity, and levels of this catechin were positively and significantly associated with mineralization.


A EGC 10 uM concentration significantly inhibited murine monocyte/macrophage cells from differentiating into bone resorption osteoclast cells after stimulation by receptor activator of nuclear factor-kB ligand.


In addition, the researchers found that GC and GCG catechins were able to decrease osteoclastogenesis at a higher concentration of 20 uM.


"The present study illustrated that the tea catechins, EGC in particular, had positive effects on bone metabolism through a double process of promoting osteoblastic activity and inhibiting osteoclast differentiations," report Ping Chung Leung and co-workers.


Recognizing the complex pathways of bone metabolism, the researchers recommends further research. "Studies could explore the signaling pathways and gene expressions upon administration of these catechins on in vitro systems," they write.


"Furthermore, the efficacy of these tea catechins on bone metabolism in vivo, using appropriate osteoporotic animal models, could be evaluated."


Original research was published in September 17 2009 J Agric Food Chem 2009; 57: 7293-7297



3. Useful Links

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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4. Calcium Absorption Test

EZorb Calcium has set a new world record of absorption rate. You can compare EZorb with other calcium supplements by using the simple step-by-step instructions we provide. E-mail your request to test @ for a copy of the instructions.



5. What Are Others Saying About EZorb?

EZorb Calcium has restored confidence in thousands of men and women. It has brought happiness and healthy life to families around the world. Click here to read what people say about EZorb.


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