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1. Share Success: Letters From Readers
2. Research News: Working Long Hours May Lead to Stroke
3. Useful Links
4. Calcium Absorption Test
5. What Are Others Saying About EZorb and Marvlix?

1. Share Success: Letters From Readers 


Letter I: From Lou

Received at Testimonial Submit Form Friday, August 28, 2015 at 09:32:20



Hi, my name is Lou and I have osteoporosis on my lumbar spine from my bone density and been on Fosamax last yr and developed a lot of severe side effects including pain in my joints ESP my knees n my right foot was halfway twisted that I could hardly walk ,etc.

On top of that I was taking OTC Calcium supplements with No effect. So, I went online n thank the Lord, Google directed me to Elixir Industry that had Ezorb n Marvlix.

I have been on Ezorb n Marvlix for about almost A Yr now and I've stopped taking Fosamax n all the OTC Calcium supplements.

I am also a diabetic, so both EZorb n Marvlix has made me a lot stronger and my joint pains on my knees have lessened n almost gone n I can walk better and could walk much better now without my right foot twisting n more stable in walking.

Also stopped taking my diabetic medication n Marvlix has lowered my blood glucose n Normalized my BP.

I also have introduced EZorb n Marvlix to my family n relatives so my Husband, Dad n brother n sister n in laws and some relatives n friends have also started taking them n love it. ESP No Side effects. My Dad is 95 yrs old and is not wobbly as he was before.

They will be doing another bone density on me next yr. I just know there will be an improvement.

Thanks a Lot , EZorb n Marvlix n all of Elixir industry. We hope that U will continue to research more vitamins that would help prolong our lives. Really appreciated n hats off! God Bless!

Letter II: From Julie S.

Received at sharesuccess @ Sunday, June 28, 2015 9:25 AM



My doctor asked me if I want to take prescribed medication for osteoporosis. I declined simply because of the side effects.

I surfed on the internet and came up with Ezorb and the testimonials of the people using it. I decided to order and try it, at which time I was having problems with both of my knees restricting me from doing certain movements.

This problem went away. I continued on taking this calcium aspartate and the bone spur on my right hand went away in size.

I am 69 years old and am doing yoga and some pilates poses. I am surprised how this product enables my body to be strong energetic and movable. I can only find good things about this product and whenever I see an older person whom I notice is incapable of moving freely without any canes/crutches, I approach them and recommend Ezorb as it has helped me and continue to help me.

Letter III: From Susan V.


Received at Customer Service Saturday, May 9, 2015 6:45 AM



Please send me all the literature on Ezorb. I received my package 3 days ago and am taking 6 caps a day went from pain off the charts to barely any. I can dress my self lift my arm which has had tendonitis 4 and a half years.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and suffered for 12 years I gave all the pamphlets to my girl friend who is in the hospital so all my info is sitting in the box at her house I need the info for my 3 Dr's and a few friends that are skeptical. Please send to:

(Name and Address)



From the Desk of EZorb Newsletter Editor:

This newsletter is now read by over 70,000 subscribers worldwide. Success stories you have contributed over the years have had a great impact on many people's quality of life. Your continuous support will be greatly appreciated by tens of thousands who have been suffering and would continuously suffer, without your help! Please email your story to sharesuccess @ or simply post it at Testimonial Submit Form. Your personal information will never be revealed to the public.

2. Research News: Working Long Hours May Lead to Stroke


Working long hours may increase people's risk of having a stroke, shows a meta-analysis published in The Lancet.

"Our findings suggest that more attention should be paid to the management of vascular risk factors in individuals who work long hours", say Mika Kivimaki (University College London, UK) and study co-authors.

The risk of stroke was elevated 33% in people who worked 55 or more hours per week compared with those who worked 35 to 40 hours per week, and this was highly statistically significant (p=0.002). The findings were independent of age, gender and socioeconomic status.

There was even a significant dose-response for stroke, with stroke being elevated 10% (nonsignificant), 27% and 33% among people working 41 to 48 hours, 49 to 54 hours and 55 or more hours, respectively.

In an accompanying commentary, Urban Janlert (Umea University, Sweden) says: "Because coronary heart disease is more prevalent than stroke in people of working age, this finding is an interesting one that has probably been missed because of the smaller populations studied previously."

There was also an association with coronary heart disease risk, but the 13% risk increase was smaller than that for stroke, it was less strongly statistically significant (p=0.02) and there was no dose-response.

The current meta-analysis included 25 published and unpublished prospective cohort studies from 11 countries. These studies provided data on 528,908 men and women who had 1722 strokes during an average follow-up of 7.2 years and 603,838 who had 4768 coronary events during an average 8.5 years of follow-up.

The team found no evidence of reverse causation (i.e., patients reducing their hours after having a stroke), and findings were unaffected by the extent of adjustment for confounding, the method of ascertaining outcomes and whether studies were published or unpublished.

In a press statement, Tim Chico, consultant cardiologist from the University of Sheffield, UK, noted that a causal relationship would be very difficult to prove, and, in any case, it can be extremely hard for people to reduce their working hours.

But he noted that people working long hours could still make changes to reduce their cardiovascular risk. "We should all consider how the working environment could be altered to promote healthy behavior that will reduce strokes, irrespective of how long we work."

Original research was published in Lancet 2015; Advance online publication.

3. Useful Links

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

EZorb Clinical Studies

Marvlix Benefits

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4. Calcium Absorption Test

EZorb Calcium has set a new world record of absorption rate. You can compare EZorb with other calcium supplements by using the simple step-by-step instructions we provide. E-mail your request to test @ for a copy of the instructions.



5. What Are Others Saying About EZorb and Marvlix?

EZorb and Marvlix have restored confidence in thousands of men and women. It has brought happiness and healthy life to families around the world. Click here to read what people say about EZorb and Marvlix.

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