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1. Share Success: Letters From Readers

Research News: Osteoporosis Linked to Risk for Stroke and Death

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4. Calcium Absorption Test
5. What Are Others Saying About EZorb?


1. Share Success: Letters From Readers 


Letter I: From Penny D.

Received at Testimonial Submit Form on Tuesday, December 01, 2009 at 11:55:43



I just wanted to tell you that I was diagnosed with a liver disease about four months ago and was leary of taking prescription medications for it. I started with vitamins but was not getting much relief.


A friend gave me a pamphlet on your products and I ordered the Marvlix. After about nine weeks I asked my doctor to do a liver enzyme test and it came back that I had gained 40% of my liver function back, my blood sugar was in the normal range, and my kidneys were function 100%.


Since this product worked I decided to take the Calcium also. Your products are great and I am so glad that my friend told me about them.


Thank you,

Penny D.



Letter II: From Karen B.

Received at Testimonial Submit Form on Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 15:20:30



I just had to write and tell you how much Ezorb Calcium has helped me. I was what I would call a medical mess. I have had fibromyalgia all my life, back problems, muscle spasms and joint problems for 35 years, nerve pain and bone spurs for about 8 years and the list goes on. I'm just 45.


The day I saw your ad on line I was so miserable and in such excruciating pain I was ready to give up. Every movement was a struggle. My whole body was in agony and even breathing felt like it just took too much out of me.


I have been using Ezorb for about 4 weeks now and have noticed a steady improvement from day 1! I no longer have pain from bone spurs. My energy level is getting better. I can actually do things all through the day now as long as I pace myself.


My fibromyalgia is not bothering me near as much. My nerve pain in my legs doesn't make me cry and keep me awake all night now. I am sleeping well with very few times of waking up and it is not due to pain. My back pain is almost gone! I am just a bit sore in the morning and that goes away quickly. My muscles used to be in spasm so bad that they forgot how to relax with out a vigorous massaging. Now my body and mind are more relaxed than I can ever remember. The spasms are so rare now that they startle me when I have one.


I can truly say Ezorb Calcium is changing my life by leaps and bounds. I can't wait to see how I feel at the 12 week mark!


Thank you elixir Industries from the bottom of my heart.



Letter III: From Max

Received at Testimonial Submit Form on Saturday, August 22, 2009 at 13:00:00



Hi, my name is Max. I recently received news from my physician that I had severe damage to my elbow due to arthritis. I have had arthritis since I was 19. I took heavy medications for two years and decided I would look at natural remedies.


I did not like feeling dizzy and bloated and sleepy consequently. I have struggled with arthritis for years. When my doctor informed me of osteoporosis in my elbow I felt like I would look on internet for help. I found your site and was extremely curious. As I read testimonials I hoped I would find relief for my achy joints.


After a month of taking EZorb, I feel more relaxed not as stiff and so much happier. I ordered my second bottle today. I know it's not a placebo affect I have never felt so good as I feel now. I do not know density of my bones but I am being tested and will continue EZorb it has given more relief than any prior prescriptions!



Letter IV: From James R. B.

Received at Testimonial Submit Form on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 8:44 PM



Dear Sirs,


I am convinced the Ezorb is helping my bad knee that the Dr's have been trying to help me with for over three years with the Hylauren shots.


Since I have taken Ezorb it feels nearly as good as new, and I have quit taking the shots. I am 79 years old now, and stepped in a hole over 30 years ago, and have had trouble with my left knee until I started using Ezorb last year. I tell everyone about how Ezorb has helped me, and now I am urging my wife to use it and the Marvlix too, for our general health, they are great products, and I am grateful to you for them.


Thanks again,

James R. B.



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2. Research News: Osteoporosis Linked to Risk for Stroke and Death


Low bone mineral density (BMD) and osteoporosis independently predict the risk for stroke and death, report Swedish researchers.


In view of the impact of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis on morbidity and mortality, "this relationship is of high interest for further studies," say Anna Nordstrom (Umea University) and fellow investigators in the journal Cerebrovascular Diseases.


Nordstrom's team analyzed information on 3531 women and 771 men who were assessed using X-ray absorptiometry at baseline and followed-up for a mean of 5.6 years. During this time there were 139 strokes and 224 deaths.


After adjusting for age, gender, and body mass index, baseline BMD at the femoral neck was associated with subsequent stroke, with a hazard ratio (HR) of 1.23 for each standard-deviation (SD) increase.


Osteoporosis at baseline was also associated with an increased stroke risk, with an adjusted HR of 1.92.


Similarly, femoral neck BMD and osteoporosis at baseline predicted the risk for death, with adjusted HRs of 1.41 per SD increment and 2.05, respectively.


Importantly, these relationships were not significantly attenuated by further adjustment for smoking, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or diabetes.


The researchers note that both atherosclerosis and osteoporosis are "diseases of epidemic proportions in Western societies" and contribute to increased morbidity and mortality. Potential mechanisms linking the two conditions include certain single nucleotide polymorphisms, the protein osteoprotegerin, and systemic inflammation.


"Further studies are needed to investigate the biology underlying the relationship between stroke risk and bone density," the team concludes. "This work may uncover basic mechanisms that will lead to a greater understanding of their common etiology."


Original research was published in Cerebrovasc Dis 2009; Advance online publication



3. Useful Links

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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4. Calcium Absorption Test

EZorb Calcium has set a new world record of absorption rate. You can compare EZorb with other calcium supplements by using the simple step-by-step instructions we provide. E-mail your request to test @ for a copy of the instructions.



5. What Are Others Saying About EZorb?

EZorb Calcium has restored confidence in thousands of men and women. It has brought happiness and healthy life to families around the world. Click here to read what people say about EZorb.


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