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Elixir Industry specializes in research, development and manufacturing of innovative nutritional supplements for alternative treatment.


Our products include EZorb and Marvlix for general consumption, and AbSolu mineral chelates as pharmaceutical intermediates.


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EZorb (Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous) is an organic compound extracted from a variety of land-based plants by using Elixir Industry's proprietary technology. They are guaranteed to be soluble in the small intestine for maximum absorption and subsequent bio-utilization. EZorb Calcium is currently available for online purchase. For more information go to EZorb Online.




While EZorb is for bone, joint and muscle - your body frame, Marvlix is for the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and etc. - your internal organs. Marvlix is developed with Elixir Industry's proprietary technology, which applies Nanotechnology to a bio-enhanced extraction process. The technology utilizes electro-potential method to preferentially extract selected molecules based upon predefined molecular profiles, and then bio-activates the compounds extracted. The process completely eliminates heavy metals, contaminants and toxic compounds commonly found in traditional herbal products, while retaining all the benign elements of the Cordyceps. Click here for more information.




AbSolu family of mineral chelates are pharmaceutical grade bulk ingredients ready for pharmaceutical and dietary supplement applications. The chelates are formed of L-Aspartic Acid and one of the minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc.


Currently AbSolu offers the following three products:

•  AbSolu Calcium, as calcium aspartate anhydrous

•  AbSolu Magnesium, as magnesium anhydrous

•  AbSolu Zinc, as zince aspartate anhydrous

AbSolu mineral chelates are 100% pure with no additives. The strong bonds of L-Aspartic Acid ligands to the mineral allow AbSolu mineral chelates to be completely soluble over a wide range of pH values (pH 1-11). We guarantee that our chelated minerals are soluble in the small intestine for absorption and subsequent bio-utilization.


AbSolu mineral chelates are fine-grained and can be used directly in most granulation formulations and tableting applications. No need for rework or regranulations. Our products are compatible with most nutritional additives commonly used in formulations and tableting applications.




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